Sam Cordier

PGt Agency

موضوع سخنرانی: Managing Director

Global Marketing Communications & Business Management for over 20 years, UK education, MBA. My edge: I have strong business management, marketing, & communication skills which have been proven many times throughout my successful career. Growing up in the Middle East until 17 years of age, coupled with my 13 years of UK education and career, gives me unparalleled insights into some of the most exciting markets in the world. This is greatly supplemented by my experience directing communications for over 18 territories around the world as Global Communications Manager, gained in the challenging and exciting retail and entertainment industries. All of the above, along with the love of my family and all things Persian, mean that I am in the perfect position to bring cutting edge innovation to the Iranian market. Passion: Cutting edge ideas with the right angles Fluent in Farsi & English

آدرس: اراج، خیابان صنایع خ گلزار خ لادن شرقی کوچه۱۲ متری ولیعصر انتهای کوچه قائم درب نگهبانی کارخانه نو آوری های وی

تماس: 021 26750476
داخلی 5508